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What We Do

Bringing Civics to Life for Students & Educators

Why Civics Education?

Our young people are the next generation of leaders.

The Constitutional Democracy Project  invests in the young people in our democracy. Our hands-on programs get students excited about real constitutional issues in ways a textbook just can’t. The Constitutional Democracy Project helps students understand their rights and discover their own role in America.

The Constitutional Democracy Project programs help students: Understand their rights and the rights of others. Appreciate different points of view. Influence public policy. Use evidence to support their arguments. Gain confidence. Treat others with civility and respect. Resolve conflicts. Work together to solve problems. Speak to public issues.

And to make up their own minds.



The Constitutional Democracy Project also provides professional development training to hundreds of teachers. Our expert staff has developed classroom curricula that enable teachers to help students acquire a comprehensive grasp of the Constitution and Bill of Rights. Our programs present complex issues in understandable ways at the appropriate grade level. 

Additionally the Constitutional Democracy Project offers classroom lessons and resources for elementary, middle, and high school educators. 

The Constitutional Democracy Project knows civic curriculum is like any other subject taught in school:

it must incorporate skilled instruction, careful practice, and opportunities to experiment. This requires teachers who are willing to teach, students who are ready to learn, and individuals who understand that in order to bring civics to life, their participation is needed.


The Constitutional Democracy Projects student programs engage students in grades K-12 in authentic civic learning and enable schools to serve as “laboratories” for democratic participation. Through hands-on activities, simulations of democratic processes, discussions of controversial issues, and cooperative learning, The Constitutional Democracy Project’s student programs help prepare students to be competent, active, and responsible contributors to their communities and their country.


The Constitution of the United States of America has less than 5,000 words. For more than two centuries it has provided Americans with a powerful and enduring framework for self-government. It is the oldest written constitution still in use today.

The Constitution explains what “We the People” expect of our government and ourselves as we strive to create “a more perfect union.” It helps all of us answer how our nation started and what America means in the 21st Century. Use it well.

This pocket edition of the U.S. Constitution is perfect for group discussion and engagement or as a souvenir for an event. 

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