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Professional Development

CRFC Teachers

CRFC offers teachers opportunities to stay abreast of civic education.

Professional Development

The Constitutional Democracy Project is a leader in providing quality professional development to elementary, middle, and high school teachers across Illinois. Our approach to teaching civics education is detailed below. 


Focuses on questioning techniques and problem-solving skills


Gives students opportunities to practice the arts and habits of civic life


Provides in-depth knowledge of the institutions, processes, and nuances of government and democracy


Encourages the use of community resource experts to enhance instruction


Presents a balanced picture and allows students to make up their own minds

Explore these links to learn more about the Constitutional Democracy Project's Professional Development Opportunities.

"I thought it was great that the teachers actually did the simulations and activities instead of just having an overview explained.  It really helped me understand the benefits of the lessons.  I had to think critically, which means that students will too!" - Teacher Participant

Why Our Approach Works

Teachers promote civic engagement in schools and classrooms every day. Constitutional Democracy Project provides high-quality professional development programs for elementary, middle, and high school teachers that are designed to meet the evolving needs of educators in a rapidly changing civic landscape.

Constitutional Democracy Project activities and resources emphasize authentic, relevant issues involving rights, law, and policy. Constitutional Democracy Project conducts workshops, day-long seminars, and multi-day institutes and sequences for schools, school districts, and networks of teachers who are interested in developing their subject knowledge and classroom skills in a collegial, hands-on format.


If you are a teacher and are interested in learning more about our professional development opportunities contact Dee Runaas.

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