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Who We Are

Our Mission

The Constitutional Democracy Project offers high-quality, hands-on civics education programs and teaching materials focused on the Constitution, law, and policy for middle school and high school students and their teachers.


Bringing Civics to Life for Students and Educators

Constitutional Democracy Project Reaches Our Nation’s Youngest Citizens Through:

Student Programs

Constitutional Democracy Project's student programs facilitate the nonpartisan discussion of controversial public issues to help students understand diverse perspectives and promote greater civility in American democracy.  Constitutional Democracy Project uses real-life constitutional questions so students can determine their own answers and find their voices on relevant civic issues.

Professional Development

Constitutional Democracy Project provides research-based professional development to support educators who teach the Constitution and American democracy.  Teachers are immersed in in-depth information about the American legal and governmental systems; they then learn how to incorporate various interactive teaching methods, including Socratic discussion, role-play, mock trials, and case studies, into the into their pedagogical repertoire. 

Resource Experts in the Classroom

Constitutional Democracy Project allows students of all ages to engage with expert adults from the community to demonstrate the power of the law as an instrument of self-government.  Lawyers, judges, legislators, police officers, and other public officials are recruited and prepared to work with teachers and students.  Constitutional Democracy Project’s resource experts infuse civics lessons with authenticity and real world experience.

Innovative Curricula

Constitutional Democracy Project’s interactive, classroom-tested curricula are designed for use in government, Constitution, civics, and other social studies classes.  These curricula provide students with background on our legal and political systems and challenge them to apply this knowledge through case studies, mock trials, discussions, and other interactive means.

Our Impact

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