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ABC Project: Action-Based Communities

Haines Elementary School | Chicago, IL

Haines Elementary School | Chicago, IL


For our Action-Based Community Project, we propose that John C. Haines School have an anti-smoking week during the week of May of 12th through the 16th. Throughout this week, there would be an assembly held for the upper grade levels while the lower grade levels would have their own activities. There would also be anti-smoking signs hung around Haines School; patrols would be in charge of enforcing no smoking during the week, and during health class students would learn the effects of smoking. All of events throughout the week are approved by Mrs. Sicora (head of this project), Mrs. Moy (assistant principal), and Mrs. Lumpkin (our school principal).

What We Did

For our Action-Based Community Project, Haines students of 2014 planned to prevent adults from smoking around the school area and to educate students inside of school. The Haines student council requested for Haines School patrols to ask adults to stop smoking around the school area during their posts in the morning and evening. They also designed their own "No Smoking" signs that are now posted outside around the school building to remind adults and parents to not smoke while students are around. Different groups of the student council educated students of Haines by hosting activities, videos, and games for grades kindergarten through 4th. The activities, games, and videos were about smoking and based on the grade level, the complexity of each activity varied. As for students from grades 5 through 8, an assembly from a representative from the Asian Health Coalition was held to educate students about the negative side effects of smoking and how it affects a person's health.

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